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fMRI’s Ability to Show Pain

We are learning a great deal about pain from fMRI. fMRI is a technique that allows us to look at areas of the brain that are metabolically active. In this way, we can peer into the mind and see what parts of the brain light up when we are thinking about someone we love, or something we dislike. We can also see what it looks like to feel pain.

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Pain and Genetics

It is clear that our ability to experience pain is inherited from our parents. Some are more susceptible to pain than others and this is directly related to our genes.

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Inflammation and Pain

An inflammatory reflex develops following cell damage or an infectious inflammation (virus, bacteria, toxin). This results in the release of cytokines and inflammatory mediators. These inflammatory mediators cause a sickness syndrome.

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Glial Cells and Opioids

Glial cells play an important role in producing and maintaining pain. They also play an important role in influencing how well opioid pain relievers function.

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Glial Cells and Pain

Under baseline conditions, glial cells have no influence on pain, but once activated, they have the ability to enhance the pain experience and response.

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